Premier League: 10 things to look forward to this weekend

by Theguardian


José Mourinho to antagonise Manchester City, Mark Hughes on the brink and an Everton reunion for Ross Barkley

The moments Jose Mourinho has cherished most in his career are those when he could thumb his nose at expectation and the established order. Wednesday night’s post-match gurning and chuckling in Turin showed he has lost none of his appetite for personal vindication and vindictiveness. Such occasions were in short supply at cash-rich Chelsea, an Inter Milan dominating Serie A or when managing Real Madrid. And his attempts to paint Manchester United as bedraggled underdogs have usually defied credibility. Sunday at the Etihad, though, is an occasion he can paint himself as a freedom fighter. The Premier League title is all but surrendered barring miracles, City’s superiority in Manchester is confirmed but for once Mourinho might have the wider public on side. Those Der Spiegel allegations raining down this week on City’s business practices and sources of wealth suggest City have not been fighting a fair fight. They are bound to be brought up by United fans in the Etihad and United’s manager would just love to deepen City’s discomfort with one of those unlikely victories, cup his ear and show off that lopsided wink of his. JB

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