Sports quiz of the week: beer, bears, burgers, a cabbage and the postman

by Theguardian


This week’s questions take in the Ryder Cup celebrations, Champions League hat-tricks and Conor McGregor’s comeback

Ian Poulter celebrated victory in the Ryder Cup by dressing up as a postbox. Why is Poulter nicknamed “the postman”?

Because he worked as a postman before he became a pro golfer

Because he owns a black and white cat and drives a red van

Because his favourite song is Such Great Heights by The Postal Service

Because “he always delivers” in the Ryder Cup

Which American player had this to say after his team's defeat in France: “I’m 48, I’m not going to play tournaments with rough like that anymore. It’s a waste of my time. They had brutal rough, almost unplayable and that’s not the way I play”?

Tiger Woods

Tony Finau

Phil Mickelson

Patrick Reed

Who said: "It sums up the society we are in at the moment. There’s no respect for anyone"?

José Mourinho while talking about Paul Scholes

Steve Bruce on a fan who threw a cabbage at him

Patrick Reed on his USA teammates

The ballboy who was berated by Fernando Verdasco

Which organisation presented League Two club Forest Green Rovers with an award in New York this week?

United Nations



European Union

Who said: "I ain’t doing this for money. I can’t live a better lifestyle than I live. I live in Morecambe for God’s sake, not Beverly Hills. I live in the arsehole of nowhere. There’s not much to spend millions on. I can get a burger for £1.50 and 20 pieces of rock for £1. If you change a fiver into 2p coins you can spend all day on them machines"?

José Mourinho

Joe Hart

Jürgen Klopp

Tyson Fury

When did Manchester United last win at Old Trafford?





Khabib Nurmagomedov is fighting Conor McGregor this weekend. Who did he wrestle as a nine-year-old?

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Gennady Golovkin

A Bear

Which of these players did not score a hat-trick in the Champions League this week?


Lionel Messi

Paulo Dybala

Edin Dzeko

Kennedy Bakircioglu scored a cracking, 30-yard free-kick for Hammarby in Sweden this week. How did he celebrate?

He caught a glass of beer thrown from the crowd and had a drink

He proposed to his girlfriend and she said no

He punched the goalpost, broke his hand and was sent off

He grabbed a mic from a TV reporter and sang for his wife

Gareth Southgate has picked a 25-man squad for England’s forthcoming matches against Croatia and Spain. Only one of those players is not based in England. Which club does he represent?



Swansea City

Borussia Dortmund

How did Luis Corcoran make the news this week?

He scored five goals in a game of football but his team still lost

He hit a double century on his debut for England’s Under 21 cricket team

He won the Budapest marathon and broke the world record in the process

1 and above.

Ah well. You tried. Have a super weekend

2 and above.

Ah well. You tried. Have a super weekend

3 and above.

Ah well. You tried. Have a super weekend

4 and above.

Decent shooting. Have a super weekend

5 and above.

Nice work. Have a super weekend

6 and above.

Solid scoring. Have a super weekend

7 and above.

Solid scoring. Have a super weekend

8 and above.

Have a super weekend. You've earned it

9 and above.

Have a super weekend. You've earned it

10 and above.

Have a super weekend. You've earned it

0 and above.

Ah well. You tried. Have a super weekend

11 and above.

Have a super weekend you absolute hero

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