When Cheam fell for Lady Chatterley | Brief letters

by Theguardian

PD James | Lady Chatterley’s Lover | Lowry cricket painting | Trump’s trade war

The prescience in Alfonso Cuarón’s film Children of Men (Why we turn to dystopian TV in a crisis, Journal, 13 May) belongs to the author PD James, whose novel of the same name was the inspiration for the film. Her prescience and brilliance in the structure of the novel were all too credible and made my hair stand on end. And still do.Yvonne WhalleySherburn in Elmet, North Yorkshire

• I was a Saturday girl at WH Smith in Cheam during and after the Lady Chatterley trial (Report, 14 May). Copies of the book were kept in a secret drawer. I was not allowed to sell them – this was the manager’s job, so he could check that the customer was respectable enough. As we were in Cheam, many copies were sold.Janet MansfieldAspatria, Cumbria

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