Somerset v Essex: Bob Willis Trophy final, day two – live!

by Theguardian

Over-by-over report from the action at Lord’sEssex edge day one despite Byrom’s defiance for SomersetAnd you can email Tanya, tweet @tjaldred or post BTL

10.33am BST

The players are out and Jamie Porter has the ball in his hand...

10.31am BST

Gary Naylor is in combative mood and I haven’t had a coffee yet.

Good point about the ECB settling the structure of next season in order to sell memberships @tjaldred. Maybe they should ask that customer base what they would like to see? Though they might not like what they will hear.

10.12am BST

An early email zips in, bright and breezy, from Paul McIntyre.

“I’m sure you’ve seen the comments from Rod Bransgrove and Tom Abell. I very much support them. The ECB needs to explain publicly the rationale for any proposals to change to the Championship and not hide behind Covid. The champions should, in normal times, be the team that does best over the whole season. And Covid should not be the pretext for reducing the number of matches, unless it is absolutely necessary: we should not be planning on that basis.

12.38am BST

Hello from somewhere outside Stoke on Trent where the sun is on the rise and autumn has taken a temporary back step into the cupboard. That’s a convoluted way of saying updates during the first session may be somewhat haphazard - but I’m sure we’ll muddle through.

Vic has filed his weather report from NW8: “Blue sky outside the window..prospects extended to 6pm...breezy...extra sweater may be a good idea. Though not necessarily on the sofa.”

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