Me, my dad and Spurs: what happened next (spoiler alert – not good) | Max Rushden

by Theguardian


I flew back from Madrid to watch the Champions League final on TV, but other travel plans went awry. See you next season

I recently wrote an article explaining how I’d given up my Champions League final ticket to watch the game with my dad. He gave me a love of Spurs that meant it was the right thing to do. It was well received. Real journalists slid into my DMs to praise me. Ex- pros texted me (well, one ex-pro texted me). What an altruistic gesture. What a moving piece. You should write more they all said. I was a hero.

A cynic might argue that writing an article about liking both your own father and football was likely to resonate with an audience of people – many of whom also have, or had, fathers and also like football.

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