Manchester United v FC Copenhagen: Europa League quarter-final – live!

by Theguardian

Europa League updates from the 8pm BST kick-off in CologneBorussia Dortmund insist Sancho will not leave this summerAny comments? You can email [email protected]

10.24pm BST

108 min FC Copenhagen appeal for a penalty when Lindelof miscontrols the ball. We haven’t seen a replay but I assume it didn’t hit has hand because play has continued.

10.24pm BST

107 min “Interesting viewpoints re Martial,” says Phillip Wainwright. “Would you not consider his 1v1 chance immediately prior to the penalty a bad miss rather than a good save? Also his slaloming run in normal time (which was quality) was ended by him not having a left foot to shoot with and wanting the extra touch to bring it back onto his right, thus giving the excellent challenge the time to be made? I’m a huge fan of his, but think you might be being a tad kind regards his profligacy, there.”

Yeah I agree on the first one – he’s normally colder than that. It was still a good save I think, but Martial gave him a chance to make it. It’s more the way he has grabbed the game by the scruff of the neck, which is something he would never have done a year ago. And it’s not the first time since lockdown, either: Southampton is an obvious example and I’m sure there are others. It’s fascinating to watch somebody who used to be so listless turn into a bit of a monster. I think he’s been Solskjaer’s biggest triumph so far.

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