Fit in my 40s: this tennis ball launcher’s got me running like a jackrabbit | Zoe Williams

by Theguardian


It’s a much better workout than a regular game of tennis – it’s tireless, consistent and it doesn’t have feelings

In the great list of things I would never have considered without a lockdown, the tennis ball launcher is probably in the top 10. Why have a Slinger Bag when you could have a partner? Why play in your garden when you could go somewhere that was the right size, like a tennis court? All these questions answered themselves when we weren’t allowed out or to see anybody, but even with lockdown easing, it still seems unbelievably versatile.

You can play in a titchy garden or on a balcony (get ready to lose a few balls). I saw a video of someone in New York playing it indoors, though I think that’s only if you trust your accuracy or don’t care about any of your stuff. And even with courts tentatively back open, I can still see its superiority over a human partner. It is much more consistent. You can set it to your skill level. And it doesn’t have feelings.

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