'They won't buy tickets to see women': 50 years on from a tennis rebellion

by Theguardian


On 23 September 1970 nine women decided they had seen enough misogyny in tennis and broke away to play their own tournament, sowing the seeds for today’s WTA

If Kristy Pigeon’s father had had his way, she certainly would not have been a tennis player. She would have spent her youth as a cheerleader with ample angora sweatshirts and then in college her priority would have been the pursuit of her future husband, of her future breadwinner.

“That’s just another indication of how men viewed women back 50 years ago,” Pigeon says in a phone interview. “I was teased when I would jog and be training for tennis. In high school ... people thought it was not very attractive for women to want to pursue a sport.”

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There was this crazy group of women, who were all fine tennis players, who believed in standing up for something

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